This page is dedicated to anyone who spends time with children and wants to improve their ‘parenting’ skills. I say parenting skills because in truth, if you are ever around a child than for that moment you are a parent. You are impacting that child, and it’s always nice to be able to understand children, enter their world, and to be able to coach them for the better.

If you are a parent and are looking for parental support you have come to the right place. I am a parent of ten year old, have worked with over 200 parents as a marriage counselor, led over 100 groups for parents, been a camp counselor on an organic farm with children ages 8-15 years old, and have been a high school wrestling coach for over 3 years.

I hope you find help here. Also, if you are a parent and are in a relationship I highly recommend you check out the marriage section. The reason being that what parents do, the children do.

When couples talk to me about issues regarding their children, a lot of times the issue can be traced back to what the parents are doing.

Please let me feedback so I can better serve your needs.



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