Stop Fighting: For Couples Who Fight Too Much

Think for a minute of any relationship, now think of the problems that you have in that relationship. Would you agree that a majority of the problems don’t have a solution? I have relationships with people who are incapable of changing their tendency to be unplanned, unclear communicators…everyone has their faults, and some of those faults they won’t be ever able to change.

If we agree that in a relationship there are many problems that can’t really be solved, then we must conclude that resolving a certain problems must take a special technique, a certain process that eventually leads to understanding, deepened love, and understanding. In one word: Harmony.

In intimate relationships perpetual problems become big problems, unless we learn how to work with this issue.

So, what’s the answer? How do we work with perpetual problems if they don’t have solutions?

I Want More Connection With My Partner

When we’re fighting with our partner life doesn’t feel very good. Yet, often times the solutions to our problems are rather simple. If you feel distant from your partner, or just want to CREATE MORE CONNECTION there two simple tips I want to share with you. In my work as a marriage counselor my job […]