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My path to teaching started with personally seeking knowledge. I spent time exploring spirituality in depth. I attended a Catholic University, stayed on a Quaker Farm,  stayed with a Buddhist  monk, and lived in a yogic ashram. I wanted to know God, and I wanted to understand spirituality in depth. After over a decade of pursuing spiritual knowledge I realized that my personal focus had become narrowed to only consider spirituality. I took a step back and turned my focus to psychology. I felt it could help guide me in learning about how to  have an intimate relationship.

I prayed and asked for a job in the field of psychology. Two months later I landed a job teaching marriage classes. I had never been married but rapidly excelled in my work and was promoted to be a head facilitator. I taught marriage classes to low income couples, 90% of them Latino, at a non-profit organization. Teaching the work of Drs. John and Julie Gottman gave me many insights into what made successful marriages. In two years I taught over 150 classes, led over 20 twelve week long courses in marriage success and coached over 200 couples.

As I learned and taught, I began to incorporate my own spiritual knowledge and experience into the lessons. I incorporated meditation, breathing techniques, art, nuero-linguistic programing, and hypnosis. Each method allowing my clients to facilitate their own rapid growth.  My on-going experience allowed me to determine and craft the best response to a couple’s situation.

This work with couples facilitated a deep learning experience for me personally. Teaching allowed me to maintain a happy relationship with my girlfriend, and to co-parent an 8 year old boy with confidence. It also allowed me to understand that marriage and all relationships take an investment. I learned that love is really an action. I felt more capable of loving another because of my work. As problems arose, I knew they were normal. Knowing that every couple eventually comes across the same issues helped normalize issues. My work gave me lots of empathy towards my own relationship. It seems I’ve heard almost every problem in the book, and that helped me keep perspective.

Professionally speaking, my life has shown me that I have an exceptional ability to tune into others. I can understand people on a deep emotional level, and for some reason I am able to help others find more happiness. I am now on a journey of sharing what I’ve learned about health and happiness. I am expanding my reach to help all those who are looking to improve their lives. I am excited about writing here on what I learn and have learned, and to offer personal coaching to those who want to live a healthier, richer, more fulfilled existence.
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11 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow, powerful stuff. I would like to get to that place but feel encumbered by too much guilt/self doubt/anxiety about life. Especially now, as I just begin the long process of divorce, one I don’t want. I’ll try to check back.

    • Divorce–what a lesson in life. One that, while I have not been divorced, I imagine could be a great window into waking up deeper into our true nature. I mean while we all hope to be with our partner forever, life has its own plans. We are life, and the ‘i’ that tries to control often times is just an observer projecting ideas into the What is.

      Byron Katie talks about her divorce, and she says that the suffering that her husband felt was because he had so many stories. She said she saw the divorce as what was happening without a story about it.

      I hope you the best in that process. A friend of mine once said, “love never changes. it just changes forms.” That is the way I feel about every woman I have ever been in a relationship with–our love did not change–the expression just changed forms.

      Thanks for leaving the feedback–I really appreciate it.

      • Yes, I am trying to use this experience as a life lesson, to better understand love, myself, and relationships in general. Sometimes hard to take away positives through the pain, but I am trying.

        Thanks for the kind wishes.

  2. I have felt inexplicable joy – it came by itself and there was no reason for it. It had no cause which confused me later when I tried to understand it. And it did feel like I loved the whole world. It happens to me sometimes but I don’t know what to call it or how to understand it.
    I love reading about people whose experiences inspire them to help others. It makes me happy and gives me hope for the world. Good luck.

    • That’s the way it happens for many of us. It is spontaneous, and when I think about it I see that all of life has arisen spontaneously, that everything seen, felt, heard, and experienced arises and dissipates on its own accord. Our birth comes from no-where, from emptiness, and our life is just an expression of the same. This is my seeing. And it gives cause for me to celebrate, to let go and feel free–whether or not those deep experiences are there. Thanks for the comment.

  3. You are welcome.
    I don’t think it comes if you look for it. I think the spontaneity makes it special and worth celebrating. I feel life itself is mostly worth celebrating. Again, good luck with your work.

  4. I think I just met an angel. I’d like to leave an email soon. Is there any way I could attain peace of mind and guilt-less feelings after a heartbreak? I’d like to forget it all and move on with my life since I have immense potential (something I cannot afford to waste). Please let me know.

    I’ll keep checking your blog for more interesting posts on spirituality and self-discovery. Thank you for bumping into me.

    • I don’t know if we can forget, but I know that feelings can be felt, moved through, and then they don’t hurt us anymore.

      Even deeper though, is that at some point we see that feelings are just feelings–transient, not real, false, and just shadows on a wall. There are many upon many ways that people have found to help others move through their feelings and understand what has occurred. I know what it is like to want to forget, move on, and just never feel the heartache again. Now I realize that there is really nothing there to those feelings–that somehow they are empty. With that knowing there is more acceptance.

      I am glad we met each other. Seems like we may have a lot in common, and a lot to share. Your comments have touched me deeply, and I would love it if you emailed me.

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