My Son Won’t Stop Playing Video Games. Part II

Recently I’ve noticed something obvious, yet fundamental to being a parent.

My son does as I do and less as I say. Our kids watch us then copy what they see.

So, how does this relate to video games? How do our own behaviors affect our children’s habits in regards to video games?

While I don’t play video games for hours there are other activities that I do for hours–and sometimes beyond what is necessary or healthy for other parts of my life- especially family life. (I play around on my phone, computer, and reading for countless hours. Sometimes these activities are done at the cost of spending family time or having a balanced life).

If we really are concerned about our kids video game habits, we have to take some proactive steps in acknowledging we too are to blame for the imbalance.

Here are some simple tips to help you curb your kids’ video game addiction, and help your child have a more balanced life.

1- Role model (if there’s something you do for hours instead of family time maybe you can do less of it)

2- Spend more time with your child

3- Set limits on video game time. Kids like limits, knowing what to expect is healthy for all of us and more so for kids. Be consistent with your rules and limits. It will help your kid know the boundaries.

4- Try playing the video game with your child or just watch and ask some questions. Show interest in their game, this brings you two closer–by doing this you might find that they want to turn off the games and spend time with you.

5- Give your child suggestions for alternate activities (homework, art, calling someone, going outside, chores, cook together, etc.)

These tips helped me and the parents I talk with tremendously.

Tell me what you what has worked for you.


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