Deepen the Love by Listening to Your Body

How to Tune Into Your Body and Make Yourself Transparent

At some point during your day, take a moment to stop what you’re doing. Close your eyes, and put your attention on your body. Consciously feel what your body is feeling. Put your attention anywhere there is sensation. If you are seated, maybe you feel your glutes against the seat. Put your attention there. Then reach out to feel your feet, fingers, and then your chest, expanding and contracting with each breath. Allow yourself to feel your body.

As you practice feeling consciously, know that you are also practicing honesty, integrity, and even love. Love is attention, and by attending to the present moment of your experience you are giving yourself love.

As you continue experiencing and feeling, consciously work to be omnipotent in your own body. Feel as much as possible all at once. Feel your feet against the floor, your fingers and the cool breeze against them, the cool and soothing air entering your nostrils, lungs, and filling your chest. See how the multitudes of sensation make up your conscious experience.

If this is too much, gently bring the attention to one place, then two, then three, and let yourself be absorbed by the experience of being you right now.

Try this out, and then look for my upcoming Body Conscious Awareness Meditation exercise to help you further your practices of sensation and experience. For now, practice this simple technique and see how often you can be present to yourself in this way throughout your day.

If you would like help tuning into your body here are some paths that I have found to be helpful in aiding my own process: Tai Chi, Yoga, The Release Technique, nature walks, walking barefoot in grass, and meditation.


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