Fung Shui for Dating:



When I first began dating I knew I wanted a real special someone. I wanted my heart to break open, I wanted to fall in love. I wanted my first love.


I read everything I could get my hands. I read books, watched informational videos, and mp3’s ranging from; Marriage Education, Dating, Seduction, Kama Sutra, Rapport Building, Nuero-Lingustic Programming, Spirituality, Tantra, and anything else I figured would help me become confident at attracting a partner.


One area of study often overlooked in the field of dating is Feng Shui.


If you are unfamiliar with what Feng Shui is, it can be described as the art of organizing your things to help manifest, organize, and create a conscious flow with your stuff. Feng Shui is an art and science that acknowledges that things have an energy. Our stuff communicates who we are, what we want, and even our secrets. By moving and/or changing our things in our homes we influence how we are perceived, what we communicate with our source about ourselves, and impact our ability to manifest.


Have you ever had the experience of walking into someone’s home and not wanting to be there? I know I sure have. I can recall walking into a friends house and their clothes were everywhere, it reaked of cigarettes, and the television was blasting with negative news media- I wanted out of there like it was a life or death situation.


Imagine my friend bringing a potential romantic partner over to that a house. Do you think she would want to stay?


Of course not! Do you think she would still want to date him? I doubt it.


Our homes and the things we own say a lot about us. In talking to women I know that most women judge a man greatly by what he owns and how he chooses to display his stuff. Though most men don’t say it, they also look at what a woman owns to understand her and her world, and to assess whether they would want to date her.


I highly recommend reading some books on Feng Shui. I When it comes to our homes we are often not so intentional, not recognizing that the things we own and have in our homes say something about us. Our stuff reflects aspects of us. Bringing consciousness to how you arrange your things, brings a new sense of intentional creation to your life.


In the area of love we can arrange our bed so that there are two bedside tables. This communicates to potential partners that there’s a space for them. We can put some candles in our room- they signify light, love, and romance. We can hang paintings around our home that uplift us- so when friends, and potential partners come to our place they can see who you are and if they like what you choose to hang they and you are much more likely to connect on a deeper level.


These are some simple tips. I recall reading one Feng Shui book where a young successful man seeks the advice a Feng Shui expert. Upon entering his home she notices several paintings of a sad woman. Paintings depicting a woman being adored but several men, a woman teasing men, a woman who is not available.


While listening to the young man she hears from him that he often finds women that are unavailable. After hearing his experiences in love, she asks about the paintings. He proudly tells her that he painted them. The woman then points out to him that all the paintings are of a woman who is unavailable, who teases but doesn’t commit- just like the women he dates. She advices him to paint new paintings of happy women, women in love, couples, of images that inspire his heart and consciously bring to his mind what he would like in a relationship.


Several weeks later he reported being happily in a monogamous relationship with a woman he felt was the one.


Here are some tips I suggest:


*buy new sheets that your ideal partner would like

*Get some items that to you are symbolic of your intention (be it love, money, creativity, weight loss, happiness, family…etc).

*put a table on each side your bed

*pair different items in two’s around your home

*hang pictures that inspire you (they don’t have to be romantic- they can inspirational in any way)

*Clear away clutter (things you don’t use- try selling or donating them)

*Old pictures of past loves (why do you still have them?)

*Try smudging (open some windows, take some Sage, light it and walk around the house with it burning- this acts as a clearing)



Any ideas on how to organize your stuff for more success in love, money, creativity, inspiration?


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