Anxiety Cure

Learn a simple tool you can use to overcome: Anxiety, fear, nervousness, anger, or any other block in your journey towards more peace.

With just a few minutes a day you quickly create more: peace, calmness, and sense of control in your life.

I used to have very high anxiety when around women. I went through high school hopeless, in college I experienced intense anxiety while with women, and I always wanted to have an intimate partner. Then I applied this simple exercise to my dating life, and soon I become more at ease while conversing with women. This led me being able to approach women in bookstores, create fun conversations, and get dates.

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Think of some feelings you would like to have more of in your life. If you have anxiety you must want more peace. If you are prone to anger, maybe you want more calm feelings, more control. Whatever feeling you don’t like, think of what you would like to feel instead. When I did this I wanted to be relaxed while with women, especially ones I had a romantic interest in.

1– Write down a few times you have felt the desired feeling. If you want peace, think of times in your life when you feel that way. (I thought of times when I did Yoga and how I felt and breathed).

2– Find a quiet place to sit. Begin to imagine that moment. Allow yourself to really sink into that moment, bringing all your senses into that experience (what did you hear, who was there, what did you feel: bring those sense to life in your mind). *

3– When you begin to feel that moment in your body, or somehow sense it as a reality in the moment do something with your body to anchor that feeling/thought to a specific movement. (My anchor was to change my breath slightly and I put my hand on my stomach. This small action was later used while I spoke to women and because of mental practice I was able to immediately calm down and didn’t even have to “think” myself into it).

Do this before going to bed every night. It can be a few minutes. After about 2-3 weeks your mind will have this program wired and it will work for you with ease. When you need to feel that sense of peace, love, or calmness just do that small movement that your body associates with the feeling.

If you think an instructional video would be good for this please let me know.

*Scientific research has shown that when we imagine something with our eyes closed, our brains fire as if it was actually happening. To our minds there is no difference between what is being seen and what is being imagined.

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